4 Reasons To Invest in Sprout Residential Fund

With the launch of our much anticipated Sprout Residential fund on June 1st, the response from new investors has been overwhelming and we have been eagerly researching and targeting the fund’s first assets to purchase. Investors are excited about the opportunities that await them.

In speaking with many potential investors over the last few months and having worked with many investors over the years, this question always comes up, “Why would I invest into a real estate fund?” It’s a great question. Here are four reasons:

  1. Professional Management – In the previous announcement of the launching of the Sprout Residential Fund, you read a Q & A, click here for the article, with one of the fund’s founders, Josh Carr. His experience, along with Eddie Stewart, gives investors a unique opportunity to take advantage of investing with those that have years of experience. That old adage applies, “In basketball there are two things you can’t teach, height and experience.” Ok…height won’t do anything for us here, but you can’t put a price tag on years of experience, especially when you invest.
  2. Diversification – One of the principle issues real estate investors run into is how much money it takes to truly invest. For most, just to purchase one or two assets encompasses a large portion of their portfolio, leaving them less than diversified. The fund overcomes this issue by allowing for your capital to be spread over hundreds if not thousands of different properties and assets. Therefore, no one property will ever be the undoing of your investment life.
  3. Continual Investment –The problem of time and rate of return will always be an issue in real estate. Getting an investment started or finishing one and starting another will always involve time, days if not months. That time spent not in an investment eats away at your rate of return. With the fund, there is very little if any down time. The ability to move in and out of assets is more fluid and therefore gives your money a more stable way to earn returns over time.
  4. Leverage – Lastly, real estate is an investment of leverage. And there is one simple fact that will always exist, if you have more money you have more leverage. This leverage allows you to negotiate better deals that will increase profit margins and decrease expenses. This one major issue the fund resolves, you will have more leverage as an investor to get into and be a part of real estate projects because you will be part of a group with millions of more dollars than you as an individual.

As a management team, we are excited about the prospects of this fund moving forward. The Sprout Residential Fund is exclusive to our network of clients and is not publicly available. To be considered an eligible candidate to participate, approval from our executive members will be necessary. If you want to qualify and learn more about this exciting new opportunity, you can visit our website at www.sproutfund.co as well as contact our Relationship Manager, Ryan Robertson. You can call him at 801-899-0220 or email him at [email protected]

*Sprout is a trusted vendor and is not owned by ProSource Tax Liens