August 15, 2019

Tax Lien Investing
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Tax lien Investing is one of the safest and most lucrative real estate strategies. Now technology is changing the industry. How will the changes impact you?

Cory Comstock
Born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT, Cory is married with two amazing children. He got is start in the business sector working in the E-Commerce industry and used his mind for...
Tips & Tricks
If there is one secret to becoming an accomplished investor, it's setting a realistic goal-plan. Start by breaking down your long term goals into small, achievable milestones. Many investors fail to get their foot in the door because they set unrealistic expectations, so seeing even the smallest progress can give you the motivation to keep going. We all want to make the big bucks, but understanding it takes time, patience, and a realistic goal plan to get there is the first step to success.
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TOTAL RENT: $720/month
Tips For Flipping Real Estate Remotely
Many people are attracted to tax lien investing because of the possibility of acquiring the property at a lower cost. But it’s important to understand that as a tax lien investor, there is always a possibility that the lien will be redeemed. Make no mistake though, being redeemed shouldn’t...
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