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Tax lien Investing is one of the safest, and most lucrative, real estate strategies. Now technology is changing the industry. How will the changes impact you?
Sprout Residential Fund
We are pleased to announce the launch of the long anticipated Sprout Residential Fund. For investors who qualify, this fund will focus on the purchase and management of tax liens, deeds and cash flow properties. In the past only large...
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Beverly Jones
Beverly Jones is from Utah County Utah and still currently resides there. She began her career in tax liens and real estate the old-fashioned way; digging...
Choosing a Tax Lien Exit Strategy
When diving into the world of tax lien investing, it’s important to have an exit strategy in mind as a part of your game plan. Anticipating every possible outcome of your investment and finding a plan of attack will save valuable time and money. A tax lien exit strategy refers to how you intend to realize a profit from your...
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When the Community
Succeeds, We Succeed.
How To Get Started With Rental Property Investing
Those that are new to the rental property investing world often comment on how overwhelming it is when you’re first starting out. Whether it’s the daunting task of determining a market, coming up with an investment strategy, or...
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Russell Bradshaw
"...The speakers were very knowledgeable about the subject of Tax Liens and how to invest in something that would be a win/win/win situation. The principle players at ProSource Tax Liens have made me feel right at home and comfortable to rub shoulders with."
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