September 5, 2019

Tax Lien Investing
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Tax lien Investing is one of the safest and most lucrative real estate strategies. Now technology is changing the industry. How will the changes impact you?

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and likes to spend his weekends climbing a mountain, fly fishing, and off-roading. Getting his start in the E-Commerce industry, he has...
Tips & Tricks
If you're looking to dive into buying investment property but are afraid of potential pitfalls, ordering an inspection is a perfect way to start. Doing this can alert you to any possible renovations or repairs that might jeopardize your profit margins. For example, a property in need of renovation that is valued at $60,000 and is being sold for $45,000 might not be worth the investment if the rehab costs are too high. Every investor wants to make top dollar, so don't forget to dial in the numbers with an inspection prior to making your final purchase.
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5 Exit Strategies for Property Acquisition
Tax lien investing can yield different results for different investors. Redemption can occur when either the property owner pays their delinquent taxes or if another investor files a tax deed application. You can also acquire the property by filing your own tax deed application. Although you might have a specific exit strategy in mind, it’s...
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Cindy & Rod J.
"Our experience with ProSource Tax Liens has actually been fantastic. It's something I had a lot a doubt about and my husband dragged me kicking and screaming to try it and it's turned around. The people have been fantastic, everything we've done, seen and people we've met have been great. While at the tour we've been able to get into a tax lien at a commercial property. We're looking forward to a long future with ProSource."
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