Meet Our Team

Aaron Darby


Aaron is married with three kids and enjoys photography and brewing his own beer. After spending the last six years in the real estate seminar industry, Aaron has been able to expertly cater to our clients needs for lives events and help them make a smooth transition after becoming an advanced client. His experience in this field has helped us to provide an enjoyable and engaging experience at all our events, including our Tax Lien Tour, Real Estate Summit, and various bootcamps. “I really enjoy getting the opportunity to work with amazing people—both clients and staff. It’s rewarding that I get the chance to get to know our students.”

Alicia Young


Alicia is married with a young son and spends her spare time reading, writing, and drawing. She loves to learn and try new things and is often spending time with her family and friends. Alicia currently operates as an Event Confirmation Representative, efficiently inviting and preparing our clients for upcoming seminars. Alicia regards working with people she loves as the favorite part of her job.

Caleb Roy


A mid-western native from Chicago, IL, Caleb has found a love for the outdoors. He loves riding motorcycles and soaking up all the mountain scenery. He assists some of our most advanced clients, working closely with our Senior Portfolio Advisers to provide an exemplary and satisfactory experience for our clients. His patient demeanor makes for a fantastic Client Success Advocate, walking our clients through administrative processes and procedures needed to make their tax lien investing experience successful. “My favorite part of my job is my ability to make an impact on my client’s investments, as well as improving their lives for the better.”

Carter Wade


Carter got his start working in the banking industry in the late 80’s and 90’s and worked in mortgage lending in the early 2000’s. This catapulted his interest in real estate, and he has been an active tax lien investor for the past six years. His biggest highlight in his investing career came when he acquired a property in Ohio for roughly $3000 and was able to turn it into a rental property opportunity that he still owns today. Learning the tips and tricks to a successful tax lien strategy through his own personal investing compelled him to find a company that specialized in this investing niche. Since starting with ProSource Tax Liens, Carter has successfully guided our clients through different investing opportunities and  has been able to educate several of our clients on how the tax lien process works as a Senior Tax Lien Adviser.

Cassandra Hayes


Cassandra enjoys spending time with her dog, reading, and working out. With her five years of management experience, she started out in our event confirmation team, providing new clients with the tools and information needed for upcoming seminars. Since she started last February, she has since moved into Event Coordinating and Shipping Management. Cassandra has brought valuable skills to our event coordinating department and has helped provide a quicker and more efficient system for our clients.

Chantil Sauer


Chantil loves music and is an avid concert goer. She has two kids and three fur babies and spends her spare time coaching soccer and exploring the outdoors. Prior to working with us here at ProSource, Chantil was involved in Retail Management and developed excellent customer service and people skills. She has expertly applied these skills in her current role as an Event Confirmation Representative and helps provide the best experience for all of our clients. She loves that she gets to work with amazing people and that she helps putting clients on the first step to their journey with ProSource.

Cory Comstock


Cory is married with two amazing children. He got his start in the business sector working in the E-Commerce industry and used his mind for finances to work his way up to owning three different sales companies. He had always had an interest in real estate and recently sold a rental property that he purchased and rehabbed back in 2013. After dabbling in rental property real estate for the last six years, Cory found a good fit as a Senior Director in Client Development here at ProSource Tax Liens. He expertly guides our clients through the proper measures needed to help accomplish their real estate and tax lien investing goals. While he loves several aspects of his job, helping our clients take control of their money in a safer and quicker fashion has proven to be extremely rewarding.

Dan Otteson


Married for 13 years and a proud father of 2 boys, Dan loves spending time with his family. He has a passion for mindfulness: engaging in yoga, reading, meditation, learning, and hiking in his spare time. With an impressive eye for business, Dan has been a tax lien consultant for over 16 years and has used this experience to better assist our students in their investment goals. As a Senior Strategy Specialist in Client Development, Dan’s primary focus is propelling our client’s forward in their investment endeavors by strategically building a goal plan with them. “The most rewarding part of my job is getting a front row seat to watch people change their lives.”

Derek Frandsen


When Derek is not at work, you can find him riding his Harley Davidson or boating at the lake. With 18 years of real estate investing and consulting experience, Derek has been an intrinsic component to building the curriculum for our students. He has been involved in several different types of real estate transactions, from flips and wholesales, to property acquisition through tax liens. With his endless expertise, Derek has proved to be a valuable asset and continues to push forward in creating current and helpful content for our students. He currently operates as a Fulfillment Manager here at ProSource Tax Liens and oversees all training for the mentoring staff and live events.

Elliot “El” Woodson


El grew up in the Bay Area in San Pablo, CA. and has a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Recreation Management. He has three amazing children, ages 22, 16, and 9 and loves spending his spare time with his family. He is an Air Force veteran and served in two military campaigns, Operation Southern Watch and Operation Vigilant Warrior in the Middle East. Before getting his start with ProSource Tax Liens, El worked in the mortgage industry for four years and invested in tax liens on his own for about five years. His previous tax lien experience helped forge a new path for him as a Senior Tax Lien Adviser, and he now helps educate our clients on the tax lien process and facilitates in several investment opportunities. He loves helping our clients attain their goals with their investments, all while creating a trusting investing relationship.

Erin Bates


Erin Bates was born and raised in Kelowna British Columbia, Canada and has traveled all around the country. Before becoming a Senior Tax Lien Adviser, Erin was a Television Sports Broadcaster for 18 years covering Motorsports for CBS Sports, Speed, Fox Sports, ABC and ESPN. She began her career in tax lien investing on her own, wanting to find a safer and more tangible investment strategy. After years of investing, her passion grew as she received redemption checks and acquired properties. Fast forward several years later and Erin is now a Senior Tax Lien Portfolio Adviser here at ProSource Tax Liens. She has had the privilege of helping clients invest in over $15 million of liens and deeds. Her specialty includes coaching our students on what’s the best investment path for them based on budget, strategy, and goals they’ve set out to achieve.

Heather Loguercio


Heather made her move from upstate New York to the western side of the country about two years ago for a change in life pace. She loves reptiles, music and the outdoors. Before working with ProSource Tax Liens, she worked as tech support for an internet company and has since made her transition to a event coordinator for our workshop administration team. She is efficient and diligent at providing vital information to our clients for our 3-day seminars and helps ensure a seamless experience for everyone she talks to. “The best part of my job is getting people excited for an upcoming event—and hearing afterward that it was beneficial to them.”

James DeJong


James is originally from Holland, but his family made their way to the United States when he was very young. His primary motivations are family, faith, and his future and is frequently found playing chess, learning new things, traveling, or exercising. He spent his early years as an active investor and entrepreneur—dabbling in small business in the marketing and fitness industries. After some mild success he began investing his money in various ways, his primary interest being real estate. James has used his real estate and investing background to methodically pilot our clients on the right path to succeed in their investing pursuits. As our Resolutions Director, James oversees and coordinates all problem-solving procedures for clients in need.  “The environment and culture of the company is phenomenal, and I love seeing people succeed in real wealth creation.”

Jantzen Jarvis


A proud husband and father with a passion for sharing and gaining knowledge, Jantzen enjoys guiding our clients toward their personal and financial objectives. Being interested in real estate investing at a young age, he purchased his first home at the age of 21 in 2007 to use as a rental property. Since then, he has flipped a home for 77k profit, and has recently purchased a lot and built a home that closed just this year. Having been in the investing world for 15 years, Jantzen utilizes his experiences as a Senior Strategy Specialist in the Development Office here at ProSource Tax Liens and operates as the CEO of Jarvis Investing, LLC and Parkside Capital, LLC. His personal experience with investing and real estate has supplied him with the tools and advice needed to provide our clients with a successful experience.

Jared Ramirez


Jared is a dedicated husband and father to three children and loves playing basketball, reading and going to his kids’ sports games. After working in software engineering for over 10 years and flipping his own real estate properties, Jared was looking for a more hands-on career in the real estate industry. With an impressive resume in tax lien investing, fixing and flipping, and rental property investing, Jared worked as a Senior Portfolio Adviser for a time, educating our clients and facilitating their investment purchases. He now serves as the Fulfillment Manager, overseeing all Senior Portfolio Advisers and Client Success Advocates to provide a better coaching, support, and investing experience for our clients.

Jay Jensen


Jay spent his time growing up in an MMA gym and is a huge movie buff. His interest in investing started at the young age of 20, working with his father who was an avid real estate investor and had several rental properties. After years of working in corporate America, Jay turned his hobby of investing into an ambitious career and became the Director of ProSource Tax Liens. As the Director of ProSource, Jay oversees all order of operations, management teams, and has been an indispensable ingredient to building a well-oiled, successful company. His passion for creating a personable and engaging relationship with our clients leaves them feeling confident and ready to move forward in their investing pursuits.

Jennifer Mallin


Married for 20 years with three kids, two dogs, and two cats, Jennifer loves to be with her family, loves to golf, and watch her kids cheer. Before transitioning into her job here, she worked in the food industry but has happily been with our company for four and a half years. Jennifer plays an important role in our confirmation team where she ensures that our clients are receiving the proper materials needed prior to attending our seminars. “I love working for this company because of the positive environment, and friendliness of my coworkers.”

Jessica Nielsen


Jessica has been married for 20 years and has four boys and one grandchild. She loves to be outdoors appreciating plants and nature. Jessica spends most of her spare time working with her hands– crocheting, sewing, organizing, and doing crafts. She used these creative skills to be an awesome mom and homemaker before making her way back into the work force a few years ago. She now works in confirmations, contacting and registering our clients for upcoming events in their area and loves the people she works with.

Jody Kent


Her parents were hippies and moved around a lot, so Jody has lived in many places. She has been married for 23 years and has four children and four grandchildren that are her pride and joy. She loves Netflix and riding on the back of her husband’s Harley Davidson Street Glide. Before working at ProSource Tax Liens, Jody managed a landscape company for 15 years doing payroll, accounting, and GPS tracking. Jody and her husband are ardent real estate investors: working in land development, home building, and have had several successful fix and flips. With her accounting expertise and years of experience in the real estate field, Jody serves as a Senior Accountant and has helped provide an efficient system to a complicated part of every company. She finds joy in working in such a fast-paced environment and loves the people she works with.

Joe Brinkerhoff


Joe is devoted husband of 33 years and a proud father and grandfather; Joe loves spending time with his family. He began his career in accounting for PEG Development prior to working with us here at ProSource and now operates as the Controller. He has used his years of expertise in the accounting field to simplify the many moving parts of ProSource and has proven to be a valuable asset to our company. “My favorite part of my job is helping my coworkers and seeing the company succeed.”

Joe Wenzel


Joeis a proud husband and father of three kids, ages 6, 5 and 2. A dedicated player in competitive tennis as a young kid—Joe enjoys spending his spare time at a tennis court. His start in the business sector began as a self-employed entrepreneur. Joe acquired several years of tax lien experience with his own personal investing, which eventually led him to becoming a Senior Director in Client Development here at ProSource Tax Liens. He specializes in cultivating an investor mindset with our clients: helping them transform their views on finances and help shift their perspective to someone who has money work for them.

Johan Li


Born and raised in New York, Johan moved two years ago to pursue a higher education. She is a full-time student and employee and enjoys hula-hooping, dogs, and is a huge foodie. Johan made her living working in the catering industry before obtaining her position at ProSource Tax Liens. Once she finishes school, Johan has goals to invest into real estate to help provide the financial freedom she needs to build a successful future. She now works as a Customer Service Representative and assists our clients with various questions. Johan loves her job for the fact that ProSource has created a fun, safe, and driven environment for its employees.

Jon Moffitt


Jon Moffitt is a family man; married with five kids and enjoys playing basketball when not spending time with his family. Before working with ProSource Tax Liens, Jon co-owned a business law and litigation firm. He has practiced real estate law for approximately 12 years and is the in-house legal counsel for ProSource. Jon loves that ProSource cultivates a culture of great people committed to their jobs and helping customers succeed.

Jon Ross


Jon is originally from the pacific northwest so his love for the outdoors sprouted early. He is a serial entrepreneur, constantly in pursuit of the next exciting thing to add to his business and investment portfolio. From local business to 501c3’s, investing groups, and altruistic movements, Jon has done it. In his off time, he likes carving up black top on his motorcycle, getting lost in traveling, and owns and operates a local coffee shop. When he’s not running his coffee shop, Jon is consultant for our 3 Day Seminar Team here at ProSource Tax Liens and specializes in finding, evaluating, and developing exit strategies for tax lien portfolios for his clients. “Rarely do you find a company that has a reciprocal relationship with it’s staff and it’s clients. The passion and care the ProSource staff takes to exceed industry standards has allowed them to re-quantify what it means to invest in real estate.”

Karl Benson


Through his 30 years working in the real estate industry, Karl has fostered an impressive career as an active investor across many real estate sectors worldwide. In 1999, he began building relationships with other investors and started mentoring them in their real estate aspirations, while also speaking at several workshops and seminars across the country. Karl brings innovation to the real estate coaching industry by having created live-online interactive courses that have been delivered to investors internationally. Now serving as a Senior Real Estate Adviser at ProSource Tax Liens, Karl plays a major role in investment coaching for investors of all levels and backgrounds. Through his expertise, Karl is committed to the role of helping our students create their desired success. In his spare time, Karl enjoys skiing, restoring classic European cars, rides motorcycles, and can often be found at the track in his Porsche race car.

Karla Trejo


Karla has a passion for traveling, reading, and meditating. She previously made her living as an agent for medical transportation but has been with us here at ProSource Tax Liens for about three years. During her time here, Karla has become very knowledgeable about tax liens as she now serves as a Client Success Advocate. Karla specializes in administrative processes and efficiently guides our clients through TDA’s, investor profiles, and county websites. She has been regarded as very responsive and outstanding in customer reviews.

Kelly Harrison


Kelly is a single mom with three daughters and works as a nail technician on the side as a hobby. Prior to working with ProSource Tax Liens, Kelly was an event coordinator for a local competitor for five years before deciding to become a stay at home mom to provide a better life for her three girls. She decided to make a comeback in the event coordinating industry and now oversees all our events including seminars, the Tax Lien Tour, and the Real Estate Summit. Kelly commends ProSource for appreciating their employees for their work and loves that she is creating relationships with clients and colleagues.

Ken Lawrence


Ken and his wife, Kristina, have 5 children. He enjoys skiing, traveling, reading and spending time with his family. Ken began his real estate journey at the small age of 24 after purchasing his first investment property. He has since owned dozens of single-family homes, over 200 multi-family units, and a couple of mobile home parks. He has purchased properties in Utah, Idaho, California, Michigan and South Carolina and specializes in creative financing techniques and distressed properties. Aside from his investing portfolio, Ken has been involved in the note-brokering business: buying, selling and originating real estate notes for investment purposes. With over 25 years of real estate investing experience, Ken has spent the last 12 years coaching his clients to tremendous success and financial freedom and now serves as a Senior Real Estate Adviser with ProSource Tax Liens.

Kevin Goolcharan


Kevin is an avid concertgoer and spends most of his spare time listening to music. Originally from Orange County, NY, Kevin moved a few years ago in pursuit of a higher education. He is currently pursuing his degree in Software Engineering and worked in web design for Bluehost prior to working with us here at ProSource Tax Liens. His software engineering education has been put to great use here, as Kevin currently serves as an Information Technician and Customer Service Representative. Being a student comes with a curious mind, so upon obtaining a position with our company, Kevin has delved into the ins and outs of tax lien investing. His desire to learn has fostered a more positive experience for our clients as he goes above and beyond to answer their questions.

Lacie Greenig


Lacie loves riding motorcycles, reading, traveling and spending time with her dogs in her spare time. Lacie got her start in the E-Commerce industry, helping uphold state and federal telecommunication laws for the past six years as a Compliance Manager. She has recently made a transition to Fulfillment Director here at ProSource Tax Liens, creating useful and convenient content through newsletters, blogs, and forums. An integral part of our company, this helps provide an informational and satisfactory experience for our clients looking to learn more about tax liens and real estate. She attributes her professional and personal growth to working for a company that cultivates a positive, caring environment for their employees and their clients.

Lindsey Svedin


Lindsey grew up camping and fishing, and loves to spend her extra time reading. As a single mom, her drive comes from wanting to provide a better life for her two- year-old son. Although she went to school for criminal psychology, she found a passion for real estate and has since worked in the real estate industry for the past six years. Her experience ranges from compliance to fulfillment and has provided her with the tools necessary to make our company run smoothly. She has found her current role in Accounting and loves the environment and atmosphere that ProSource Tax Liens provides.

Mason Morton


Mason has lived in many places, from being born in Maine to making a stop in Nashville\. He is married with kids, enjoys spending time with his family and training his German Shepard, Akai. Before working at ProSource, Mason specialized in business set up and helped people learn how to trade stocks. While he had a passion for helping people build financial freedom with stocks, he found out about tax liens and was immediately intrigued by their investment potential. He started as a portfolio manager with ProSource Tax Liens and has since moved into Client Development and has been able to exploit his investing expertise to better help our clients. “The best part of what I do is watching as someone that has only worked a job their entire life realize they can make money without an employer.”

McKenzy Goodbar


McKenzy has been a licensed real estate agent for the last 4 years. At a young age, she knew that investing was the key to building long term wealth and began seeking opportunities that would allow her financial freedom. Real estate has been a driving force for McKenzy due to its unlimited potential and has led to her career in investment education. McKenzy now serves as a Senior Tax Lien Adviser at ProSource Tax Liens and helps educate on the tax lien process and accelerates our client’s investment goals. While she loved being a real estate agent, she enjoys being able to share knowledge with people that are trying to expand their portfolio.

Meagan Wilson


Meagan enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and three boys. She loves interior decorating and rehabbing distressed furniture in her spare time. Meagan began getting involved in the investing world working with a well-known financial guru for about two years prior to making her transition to ProSource Tax Liens. She now operates as an workshop event coordinator: providing the smoothest possible experience for our clients that are attending seminars in their area. She takes pride in taking care of our clients and finds interacting with our clients every day very fulfilling.

Megan Smith


Megan grew up hiking, running and being outdoors so her spare time is usually spent outside. Before working with ProSource, Megan worked in event fulfillment for a real estate company and helped forge a successful relationship with her clients. With her experience at another real estate company, she acquired a job here at ProSource Tax Liens working as a Compliance Representative. She specializes in quality reassurance for various departments, including customer service and Client Development to ensure a positive experience for our clients. “My favorite part of my job is working in a team-based atmosphere—one where we all thrive off of each other’s knowledge and work together to go above and beyond for our clients.”

Nick Stevens


Nick Stevens likes to spend his weekends climbing a mountain, fly fishing, and off-roading. Getting his start in the E-Commerce industry, he has been in the business and investment consulting field for roughly 10 years. His knowledge and expertise have set him up with the skills needed to better assist our clients in their investment goals. Since working at ProSource Tax Liens, Nick has jumped heavily into creating his own tax lien and real estate portfolios for the past two years and has used his personal experience to educate and guide our most motivated clients while working in Client Development. “It is truly a blessing to be a part of something that allows folks in need of some help to create a strong financial solution!”

Noelia Zambrana


Noelia is happily married and has a daughter that keeps her busy at home. She loves hiking with her family and explores a new trail every summer. Noelia made her mark in retail for 8 years while pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and has used her degree to further her employment here at ProSource Tax Liens. With the knowledge she has acquired working hands on with tax liens in the last four years, Noelia has big plans to build her own investing portfolio. As a part of the Transfer Team, Noelia is a primary contact and liaison for client’s post-purchase. She oversees and coordinates the transfer department on the correct process for ownership transfer in multiple states and specializes in the closing of rental properties between seller, client, and ProSource.

Ryan Hyatt


Ryan Hyatt is a dedicated husband and fathe and spends most of his time with his wife and kids, traveling, or golfing. When he’s not spending time with his family, Ryan is an active member in his community and puts several hours into volunteering for foundations like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. His experience with real estate began in 2006, which steered him into the arms of ProSource Tax Liens where he now works in Client Development. He helps our clients move forward strategically in their investing endeavors by helping them create a goal plan and considers helping our clients achieve their goals the best part of his job.

Ryan Iverson


Born and raised in a small town, Ryan grew up doing everything outside. When he’s not in the office, he spends the majority of his spare time in the mountains or the deserts of the west. With a background in heavy equipment, he began looking for other ways to not only generate income but more importantly secure his future. After some time in the educational and consultation field he found ProSource. He now works as a Senior Strategy Specialist and offers support, consults with referrals, and helps organize plans with some of our members. “I love the people that I work with and being a part of a rapidly growing company.”

Ryan Jackson


Ryan got his start in the business world operating as a licensed financial adviser for Fidelity Investments for about six years. He previously worked as a CFO for multiple companies in which he successfully invested tens of millions of dollars into securities, development projects, and property acquisition deals. Ryan attributes his success to principled analysis and relationship building and maintains that actions and customer service speak louder than words. Ryan is now a Senior Tax Lien Adviser here at ProSource Tax Liens and has put together several investment portfolios for our clients to aid in their financial endeavors and continues to equip our clients with premium tools, resources, and education pertinent to their success.

Tad Lignell


Tad got his start in real estate as a young college student, working with his father for his real estate business. Tad’s father was a dentist by trade and a part-time real estate developer. When Tad witnessed the financial advantages a real estate business could provide, he began diving further into making this a reality for himself as well. In the Late 1980’s, Tad found himself a single father raising two twin boys and wanted to find the flexibility needed to be a better father. Feeling like he was at a crossroads, Tad made the plunge and broke off to pave his own path with real estate in hopes of building a better financial future for himself and his children. In 2003, Tad began sharing his experience and knowledge at several real estate seminars around the country. Tad is now a Senior Real Estate Advisor and has used his unlimited experience to further guide our clients in their own real estate goals.

Taylor Pusey


Taylor is an automotive journalism enthusiast. Before coming to ProSource, he worked as an intern at a law firm assisting attorneys with auto collision and personal injury cases. While he is new to the tax lien industry, his attention to detail and ambitious mindset has proven to be a great asset to our company and our clients. As a Customer Service Representative, Taylor assists our customers with the questions ranging from technical support to information on tax liens. He enjoys the friendly work environment and team-building that ProSource Tax Liens provides.

Thomas Arnold


Thomas  loves spending time with his wife and three kids in the great outdoors. His previous experience with a well-known financial educator and wealth expert led him to becoming an inventory manager here at ProSource Tax Liens. As an inventory manager, he specializes in building and tailoring portfolios specific to clients needs and goals and works alongside our Senior Portfolio Advisers to furnish a good experience for advanced coaching students.

Vanessa Laws


Vanessa grew up doing everything outside. After getting an early start in motocross, she developed a passion for motorcycles and is a proud owner of a Harley Davidson Sportster. She enjoys the arts and regularly spends her time painting, drawing, creating music, and reading. Vanessa has been an active part of the Compliance industry for four years and has stepped into the role of a Compliance Representative for Client Development here at ProSource Tax Liens. She diligently oversees the progress of our clients from start to finish and helps ensure that our company continues to provide the best experience possible. “I love the environment. It feels like a big family, and I always look forward to going to work.”