Employee Spotlight

McKenzy Goodbar, Senior Tax Lien Adviser

Born and raised in Utah with a passion for investing, McKenzy has been a licensed real estate agent for the last 4 years. At a young age, she knew that investing was the key to building long term wealth and began seeking opportunities that would allow her financial freedom. Real estate has been a driving force for McKenzy due to its unlimited potential and has led to her career in investment education. McKenzy now serves as a Senior Tax Lien Advisor at ProSource Tax Liens and helps educate on the tax lien process and accelerates our client’s investment goals. While she loved being a real estate agent, she enjoys being able to share knowledge with people that are trying to expand their portfolio.

McKenzy is giving me a lot of very useful information. She is very understanding while teaching me.

Bryan A.

McKenzy was very patient and assured us that she understand our main concerns.

Rick R.

McKenzy’s diligence and deep understanding of my goals and dreams has allowed me to attain my first deed and I’m sure more to come. Thank you McKenzy for believing in me.

Tea P.